Cloudy Copter

Cloudy Copter is a character that appears in the Baldi's Basics game series. He often obstructs the player while they are trying to run away from Baldi.

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  • Acting like a cloud
  • Extinguishing fires



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A cloud who loves being a cloud doing cloudy things. Floats around and blows strong winds down halls.


Cloudy Copter is a 3D-generated and heavily distorted model that loosely resembles a cloud and a helicopter. He has two large eyes and a long mouth with whiskers. Based on the original description, Cloudy Copter simply enjoys doing “cloudy things," which include blowing strong winds in the hallways.



Cloudy Copter can be seen floating around the hallways until he decides to stay in one place and starts blowing strong wind throughout hallways for 10 to 30 seconds. Once the wind comes into contact with the player and other characters, the moving speed of all characters will either increase or decrease depending on their moving direction. This means that if the player tries to go against the flow, they will slow down, and if they try to go with the flow, their movement speed will increase significantly. The wind blowing can also help the player escape Playtime's rope-jumping minigame.

Cloudy Copter's blowing wind will come to a halt if he is swept away by Gotta Sweep. Players can also use the BSODA to push him away or walk past him at normal speed with the use of the Big Ol' Boots.

Field Trips

Before V0.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus, Cloudy Copter could be found on the camping field trip when the fire was bright enough and the player was far away from it. He would try to blow out the fire, making it dim twice as fast as normal. To chase him away, the player would need to get close to him to scare him off.

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  • The true inspiration for Cloudy Copter remains unknown, except for the fact that he is based on something in another game that makes the game's creator creeped out.
  • The original name for Cloudy Copter was supposed to be Cumulonincompoop.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Cloudy Copter's wind will still push the player even when they are stopped by Mrs. Pomp.
  • In the older version of the camping field trip minigame, Cloudy Copter could be found floating idly above by hacking the game.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

  • In Chaos Mode, once a Cloudy Copter has been duplicated, both Cloudy Copters can affect one another. Two of them standing in the same spot and blowing in one direction can increase the wind strength; two of them standing opposite one another will negate the wind, letting the player walk freely; and one Cloudy Copter will stop blowing if he is pushed by another's wind.
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