Chaos Mode

Chaos Mode is one of the hidden modes in Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. In this mode, each time the player finds a notebook, all the NPCs will be duplicated, and the frequency of random events is much higher.



To activate the Chaos Mode, the player needs to type in the code “11211994” in the You Can Think Pad during a playthrough in Classic or Party Style. From this point onwards, they will be transported back to the main menu, and all the games following this will be in Chaos Mode. To disable this mode, the player can restart the game or put in the code again.

In this mode, with each notebook collected, all the non-playable characters will be duplicated, including Baldi. Random events will also appear much more frequently in Demo Style, and some of them will even overlap with one another.


  • The duplicated Baldi's movement speed won't be the same; instead, their speed varies based on how many notebooks the player manages to collect after their appearance.
  • If the player starts the jump-rope minigame with more than one Playtime, their jumping animation won't be shown, but their jumping will still count.
  • If two random events happen at the same time, when the earlier one's timer goes out, both of them will stop happening at the same time. The only exceptions to this are Gravity Chaos and the non-swinging doors that happen during the flood.
  • The player and other characters can get stuck inside Gotta Sweep's closet quite easily while they are inactive.
  • In Demo Style, the game can be soft-locked once the player manages to collect a certain number of notebooks.


  • Chaos Mode was created with no intention of giving the player any chance of winning the game.
  • The code “11211994” is a reference to the game Donkey Kong Country, which was released on November 21, 1994, in the United States.
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