Balder's Schoolhouse


Balder's Schoolhouse is an educational puzzle game with horror elements modeled after the Baldi's Basics series. However, the pursuer in this game is Balder. This is also the first time this character appears, and this game is also the first of The Balder Series.

The plot in this game is almost identical to the Baldi's Basics series. You left seven notebooks at Balder's weird school. These items are important to you because you need them to study for your upcoming test. Players need to rapidly return to school and bring back all your notebooks.






Chase to use a ruler to slap the player if you answer the wrong question and get caught.

It's a Wizard!

He will stop you in the hallway for 30 seconds before moving to another location.

Old Baldi

Entices you to play a game with the ruler by moving it to the rhythm five times.


Players' task is to collect seven notebooks by correctly answering three questions written in them. Each question consists of only one sentence with random difficulty. Every time you give a wrong answer, Balder will start moving faster to your location with a ruler in hand ready to dish out punishment. Besides, a number of other characters (Old Baldi and It's a Wizard) will also appear to hinder the player's search.

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