Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash is a special edition of the Baldi's Basics game series. The game was released in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Baldi's Basics Classic. Five hours after the game's appearance, the Android version and minor performance updates were also released.

Game Information

Also Known As

  • Birthday Bash
  • Baldi's Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash!


  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android




Basically Games


Puzzle, Horror, Survival, Parody, Retro



Release Date

April 1st, 2019


Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash is generally the same game as Baldi's Basics Classic, except for a number of changes made to follow the “birthday theme”:

  • Baldi is seen wearing a party hat, and his line is changed to “Oh, hi! Welcome to my party!"
  • Gotta Sweep's bristles have traces of confetti.
  • It's a Bully's “THIS IS A BULLY” is changed into “THIS IS A PARTY”.
  • Playtime's tune is swapped for something else.
  • Baldi also leaves out a few lines, including the lines regarding using a Quarter.
  • Two new items are introduced: the Dangerous Teleporter and Big Ol' Boots.
  • The items are hidden randomly inside gift boxes. The only way to know what they are is by unwrapping the gift box.
  • All vending machines have been changed to “Crazy Item Machines," which will give the player a random item.
  • Colorful balloons are seen floating around the school. Interestingly, they can open doors.
  • A giant birthday cake can be seen in the middle of the cafeteria.
  • Most notably, Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash features two different endings.


The game begins identically as Baldi's Basics Classic: the player is tasked with finding 7 notebooks while being chased by Baldi, whose movement speed increases with each notebook collected. Up until the player has found all notebooks, they will be forced to find all three exits and leave the exit in the cafeteria to the last. To fit the birthday theme, the whole school is decorated with balloons and cakes.

Once the player passes through this exit, instead of the normal ending screen with Baldi congratulating them, the red color tint fades away, reverting the screen to normal. All the characters appear behind them to surprise them, along with the confetti rain. Then, the player reaches the top of the birthday cake and blows out the candle.

Normal Ending

With the candle blown out, the entire school becomes dimly lit, with all the characters floating up. The player will also float at the same height, but they can't interact with the characters. On one of the sides of the cafeteria, a new entrance is visible, and going through it will lead the player to the glitched version of the Schoolhouse. In this place, a strange background noise similar to Baldi's ruler slapping sound can be heard—except that Baldi is not the one making this noise. As the player continues to explore, they will find the glitched versions of Baldi known as "Baldloons." Notebooks can also be acquired, but they have no effect on the game other than increasing the notebook counter.

If a math problem is answered wrong, a line can be heard from a voice similar to Baldi's, instructing the player to find 2 more notebooks in order to use these doors—similar to his first lines at the beginning of the game. However, this has nothing to do with the game; the player doesn't need to collect more notebooks. They will eventually come across the puzzle room, which requires them to put in the correct number of Baldloons and uncover yet another room. In this room, the player can see a circle made from chairs along with a chalkboard with the line “Woah! You are SMART!” on it. The red Baldloons will appear and start going after the player.

Trying to get away from the glitched school results in more and more red Baldloons spawning, which will eventually crowd around the player, preventing them from moving around. After a moment, the “Thank you!” screen will be shown, ending the game.

NULL Ending

To unlock this ending, the player needs to either use the Dangerous Teleporter or put in the code “53045009” in the You Can Think Pad inside the glitched school. Afterwards, NULL can be found in the Principal's office. While he is surprised that the player manages to find him, he is not too happy that they have yet to destroy the game per his request last time. NULL gives the player his last warning and then the game crashes.


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