Gotta Sweep

Gotta Sweep is a character from the Baldi's Basics game series who serves as an obstacle to the player while they try to get away from Baldi.

Profile Information

Other Aliases









Sweeping the floor



Game Information

Spawn Location

Gotta Sweep's closet

Follows the Player


Attracts Baldi


Caption Color

Dark green

Official Description

What do you do when the school opens in 7 hours and you haven't hired a janitor? Hire a broom! It sweeps everything!


Gotta Sweep is based on a photo of a broom, which has already been heavily dithered until it is left with sharp corners. The handle has also been adjusted to be much shorter in comparison to the original image. It is a large broom with a dark green handle and black bristles. Two stickers can be seen attached to the top of the handle. His voice is extremely sharp and loud, resembling someone yelling all the time.

Gotta Sweep is extremely passionate when it comes to his work, and nobody is capable of stopping his cleaning spree. He often obstructs other characters, including the player, Baldi, and the Principal of the Thing, while sweeping around the school on a random track.



Once the player answers a question incorrectly and is chased by Baldi, Gotta Sweep will appear in his closet. After 2 or 3 minutes, he will start getting out of the closet and say out loud, “Looks like it's sweepin' time!" From that point forward, he will sweep around the school, which should take around 30 seconds, and then return to the closet. After 2 to 3 minutes, the cycle will repeat again.

If Gotta Sweep sees the player, he will say, “Gotta, sweep sweep sweep!” and push them along his path. He also affects other characters, excluding Chalkles and It's a Bully. This means that he may just accidentally push the player straight to Baldi, ending the game immediately. To avoid being taken along, the player can wear the Big Ol' Boots and walk past him.

Field Trips

Prior to V0.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus, Gotta Sweep appeared on the farm field trip if 150 to 350 seconds had passed. He was much bigger than normal, with his bristles being razors and the line “I LIKE CORN” attached to him. He would start cutting down the corn crops in his path and make Baldi appear after he passed through the player.


Gotta Sweep makes an appearance in one challenge only, which is the Grapple Challenge.

Other Appearances



  • All the voice lines of Gotta Sweep are extremely loud and distorted because the one voicing him has to yell into the microphone.
  • The base image for Gotta Sweep can be seen in the creator's X (formerly known as Twitter) post.
  • Gotta Sweep and Baldi are the game's creator's favorite characters.
  • Gotta Sweep was supposed to be a human, but was reduced to a simple broom due to the creator not having much time left to complete the game before the Meta Game Jam. He is based on the creator's own broom.
  • According to the creator, Gotta Sweep's greatest achievement is being able to clean the extremely messy cafeteria until it was spotless in 3 minutes and 8 seconds after a food fight.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Other characters that walk behind Gotta Sweep in his closet during cooldown time may be slowed down or stopped, giving the player some time to go past them.
  • The appearance of Gotta Sweep on the farm field trip before the V0.3 overhaul resembles a combine harvester.
  • Gotta Sweep can be pushed back by using BSODA, and there is a chance for him to clip through the wall, slowing down other characters.

Baldi's Basics Classic

  • The design of Gotta Sweep before V1.4 was slightly different in comparison to the current version. Back then, the color of his bristles was part green and part lighter gray. The poster of Gotta Sweep in the Principal's office still has the old design.
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