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Schoolhouse is where the entire story in the Baldi's Basics series takes place. Let's explore what exciting things this large space has to offer!
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Johnny's Store
Enjoy shopping for all valuable items in the Baldi's Basics series at Johnny's Store. Let’s choose the most effective item for your rounds.
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The library in the Baldi's Basics series with the silence will be an interesting challenge. Get into this room and do some secret action!
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The playground in Baldi's Basics carries attractive offers. Enjoying the game and receiving the privilege of never being scolded when coming here.
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The cafeteria in Baldi's Basics is the place where players can find everything related to food. A number of supportive items are awaiting to be collected.
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Gotta Sweep's closet
A tiny room with a strange broom that appears in Baldi's Basics is Gotta Sweep's Closet. Let’s open it and find some special items right away.
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Principal's office
The Principal's Office in Baldi's Basics series is a place where players can be detained but can find special perks. Do you want rewards or punishments?
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Hallways in Baldi's Basics series are long, rectangular passageways that link rooms to one another. Can you guess what you will find here? Let’s explore it!
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Faculty rooms
Get ready to explore faculty rooms in Baldi's Basics in Learning and Education. These places are listed as off-limits under one of the school rules.
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Classrooms are ideal places for players to find notebooks and solve exercises inside through the series of Baldi's Basics in Learning and Education.
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