Beans is one of the students from the Schoolhouse/Super Schoolhouse of the Baldi's Basics game series. He is presumably the oldest student in the school, whose age may be even higher than Baldi's.

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  • Chewing gum
  • Blowing bubble gums


His bubble gums hitting others by accident

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Tries to impress others by blowing bubble gum bubbles, but usually just ends up spitting them out.


Beans is a 2D scribble of a human with an extremely wide mouth that is always gaping, decayed teeth from chewing too many bubble gums, and a neck with stubbles. He wears a pink sleeveless shirt and dark pink pants. There is a propeller-beanie hat on his head. Beans' voice is highly distorted, making it hard to understand unless the player turns on the caption option.

Beans loves to impress others with his bubble gum-blowing talent, but often tells the player not to let the “adults” see him doing it. Whenever his bubble gum ends up hitting somebody, he always shows remorse. Based on his dialogue, Beans is shown to be very good at rhyming.



Whenever the player is seen by Beans, he will start chewing and blowing a big pink bubble gum, which will start floating in a straight line at the player. It is possible to avoid the bubble by running into a classroom nearby or using the Safety Scissors to pop the bubble before it touches the player. Whoever gets hit by the bubble, be it the player or other characters, will be slowed down drastically for 10 seconds. If the player is the one getting hit, the whole screen will be covered in pink bubble gum, including the inventory. The only time that Beans does not try to spit gum at the player is when he is heading to the Principal's office for the party event.

Since other characters (except for Chalkles and It's a Bully) can be affected by the bubble gum, Beans may actually help the player get away from Baldi and the Principal of the Thing at times. The bubble gum will float through the door (as long as it is opened) and through the Portal Poster.

Other Appearances



  • Beans was originally a character for a fangame created by Padre Snowmizzle. In addition, Padre has made a 3D-generated model of Beans.
  • Bean's age is estimated to be between 25 and 30, hence his stubbles. He is unable to graduate due to being too bad at math.
  • The idea of Bean was originally to be a counterpart to the player. As such, he was able to use the BSODA against the player.
  • His name comes from the phrase “beans and casserole."
  • One of his lines, “Aw, casserole," when someone gets hit with his bubble, is based on his bad experiences with casseroles.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • It was intended for the Principal of the Thing to scold Beans when he was caught spitting out bubble gum, but this feature has yet to be implemented.
  • There is a chance for the player to dodge the bubble gum if it moves a little off-center in the hallways.
  • Despite not visually sticking to some of the NPCs, Beans' bubble gum will still affect their movement speed.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

  • In Chaos Mode, it is shown that Beans' bubble gum can affect other Beans.
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