Mrs. Pomp

Mrs. Pomp is the second teacher of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse from the Baldi's Basics game series. She is one of the main obstacles for the player while they try to progress in the game.

Profile Information

Other Aliases



Unknown: a human head and a shoe as the body






Students being at her class on time


Students missing or being tardy to her class

Game Information

Spawn Location

Follows the Player

Yes, when she has yet to invite them to her class

Attracts Baldi

Yes, when the student is late to her class

Caption Color

  • Yellow
  • White

Official Description

Hops around in her high-heeled shoe inviting students to her class. Make sure you're not late! Or else!


Mrs. Pomp is a 3D-generated character with very unusual characteristics. Her whole appearance consists of a woman's head and a red shoe as her whole body. She has blond pompadour hair with springy locks on the sides. Her eyes are uncanny and asymmetrical, and she has two red circles on her cheeks as "blushes."

Mrs. Pomp may look welcoming at first, but her attitude changes completely once she is not happy. When someone gets to her classes late and makes her angry, Mrs. Pomp will have a completely different appearance. Her locks will protrude in different directions, and her expression will darken.


Once the player starts the game, Mrs. Pomp will be seen jumping around in the hallways. As soon as she sees the player, she will invite them to come to her classroom, but within a time limit of 2 minutes. If the player is wearing the Faculty Nametag or manages to get out of her sight, she will let them be and move on. Once she is done telling them, Mrs. Pomp will dash to her chosen classroom and start waiting for the player. To see where she is and how much time the player has left, simply open the map and look for her icon.

While trying to reach the chosen class, the player will need to be mindful of colliding with other characters since they can hinder the path.

  • Baldi will give the player an instant game over if he catches them while they are trying to go down the quickest route to reach Mrs. Pomp.
  • Playtime can slow them down by forcing them into a rope-jumping game.
  • Arts and Crafters can teleport them randomly if triggered.
  • It's a Bully can block the quickest path to Mrs. Pomp if they don't have any items.
  • Principal of the Thing may send the player to detention, and this can be worse if the Principal's office is far from Mrs. Pomp's classroom.
  • 1st Prize and Gotta Sweep can push the player around.
  • Cloudy Copter may either slow down or speed up the player, depending on where they are headed.
  • Chalkles may lock the player in the room.
  • Beans' bubble gum will slow down the player significantly.
  • The Test may inflict blindness on the player, making it hard to avoid other characters.

As such, players may need to prepare necessary items, such as An Apple for Baldi, Big Ol' Boots, and Safety Scissors. Other obstacles that can prevent the player from reaching the destination include coin doors, one-way swinging doors, conveyor belts, and any other sorts of challenges that can potentially slow down or block the player's path.

If the player manages to reach the classroom in time, they will be awarded with 100 You Thought Points and put Mrs. Pomp into a cooldown for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. On the other hand, if they reach the class too late or just abandon the quest altogether, she will wait until the player gets into a random room and dash there extremely quickly in front of the room's door. As soon as the player exits the room, she will pick them up and drag them to her classroom. When the player is being dragged by her, they risk colliding with Baldi and losing the game. Inside her classroom, Mrs. Pomp will start screeching uncontrollably, not letting them out for 15 seconds. Her screaming also means that Baldi will be alerted and start running towards the room.

To escape from Mrs. Pomp's classroom during her outburst, the player can use one of the following items:

  • Principal's keys: This item can open any locked door.
  • Dangerous Teleporter: Teleports the player out of her classroom.
  • Portal Poster: It can connect the player to any location.



  • Mrs. Pomp and Playtime are the only confirmed female characters to appear in the Baldi's Basics game series. She is also the only human-like character to not have any limbs.
  • The screaming face of hers was created with EbSynth.
  • Her spring locks are asymmetrical; there is more hair on the left side of her head.
  • According to Micah McGonigal, the creator of the game, Mrs. Pomp is the scariest character to him.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Mrs. Pomp has some unused audio files, which were created back when she was intended to give the player more time to reach her classroom. Before V0.3, her timer was 4 minutes.
  • If she goes in the opposite direction of Cloudy Copter while he is blowing wind, she will just stomp in one place.
  • When triggered, Mrs. Pomp will wait outside a classroom that the player is in. During this time, she is invisible until the player steps out of the room.
  • If her intended classroom is inaccessible for any reason, she will stop moving.
  • If the player is late to her class and tries to hide in the mystery room, she will wait outside the room. However, if the event is over, she will chase after the player only when they step into another classroom.
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