Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: The True Story


Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: The True Story is a fan-made game developed by Totally Dramatic Games using the Unity engine.

With the core gameplay of the Baldi's Basics series, this fan-made version has the same features but with a different storyline. The game starts with a story about two friends who are excitedly looking forward to their first day back at school. Every day passed smoothly until a terrible rumor spread, causing extreme confusion among all students. The head teacher of the Schoolhouse killed three students: Ren Chang, Hanako Sanakamanto, and Emmanuel Anwuka.

You will enter the role of the player's friend and explore the secrets hidden in this weird school. You will have time to directly face Baldi and his underlings. By finding the stolen notebooks scattered throughout the schoolhouse, you will gradually discover the true story of this place.


In this game, the protagonist (the player's role), a friend, enrolls in elementary school but is disappointed by the bloody rumors of his teacher, Baldi Baldimore. You are forced to enroll in a school where your friend, Tag, gets a nice and beautiful teacher. Players must uncover the truth about the school and face challenges in the first week.

In the first week, players must get to Baldi's class before being late. Petty Gossip, the cruelest girl in the school, demands lunch money from you. If players are late, Baldi will scold you and ask you to stay after class. You are disciplined and must choose whether to tell Tag about your punishment.

In the first week of school, you will discuss your knowledge about Petty Gossip and Carla Carcass, your friend's teacher. Players discover that Baldi has stolen your notebooks and demands that you answer math problems. Baldi becomes angry when gamers answer the wrong question. Players must collect the remaining notebooks, which reveal the ghosts of Ren, Hanako, and Emmanuel. You will be assisted by a nurse named Kusuri Ali. The notebooks are found in different locations, with tapes indicating their deaths. At that time, players must leave once they collect the remaining notebooks.

In Week 2, you are traumatized by the events of the previous week and the Student Council. You find that Petty Gossip has been expelled from school, but her younger brother is now taking place for her. Players continue to find your notebooks and deal with Carla Carcass and the Student Council. You uncover more secrets, meet new characters, and unlock bonus feature shorts. After reaching the tenth week, the challenge becomes harder, with a warped version of Baldi and The Test replacing their roles. You must escape the schoolhouse, but you reveal that you have accidentally left seven of your notebooks back at school. You convince Tag to return, using the excuse of going to "eating practice."


Regular characters




Baldi Baldimore

The head teacher, who is rumored to have killed three former students.

Mrs. Pomp

A teacher always wants students to come to class on time.

Principal of The Thing

The stringent principal, players will be scolded if they do not behave properly or violate school rules.

Arts and Crafters

A shy puppet who hates being watched.


She is a vice president of the sports club and likes to hang out.

It's a Bully

Take his sister's place as a bully.

1st Prize

The project that won first prize at the science fair, runs very fast if it can find someone to hug.

The Test

Try to disperse the player's concentration.

Gotta Sweep

A gatekeeper character.


Own a store with useful items for players


Spit out the gum instead of blowing bubbles with it.

Fan-made characters


  • Carla Carcass: A person who wishes to attract all attention to herself. She is a teacher who loves language arts and social studies. Because of her kindness, all the students want her to be their teacher.
  • Petty Gossip: A bully who appears on the first and second day of game rounds. Then she gets expelled from school and a new bully, also her brother, appears.
  • The Student Council: This is a group but they divide their activities at different points. They are proficient in this school and often block classrooms.


Kusuri Ali: Take note of this character, she is a nurse who can provide players with items that increase health and stamina.


  • Aaliyah Nawazi: Walk around the schoolhouse reading history books.
  • Abigail Thomas: Wishing to have super powers to improve family life for the better.
  • Abe Elle: A child prodigy who thinks joining the Mathletes club is silly and he also refuses to join the Student Council.
  • Akai Sato: A daughter of a J-Pop artist who wants to become a businessman.
  • Allie Sunn: A little girl who always believes in a better world with people of character like her.
  • Anna Hills: Likes life in the country and believes she was a cowgirl in her past life.
  • Becky Primrose: Likes to sit on the lounge chair and secretly smoke in school.
  • Belinda Lee: A little girl whose parents did not support her hobbies, she had to enjoy her passion in secret.
  • Billy Meddle: A transgender boy.
  • Cassandra Cat: Wants to inherit her parents' kitten adoption and care center because she is very interested in these pets.
  • Casey Morton: A boy who moved from Australia and wants to stay in America forever.
  • Ghost Students (Ren Chang, Hanako Sanakamanto, and Emmanuel Anwuka): These are very important characters in the plot of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: The True Story. They are brutally murdered and will appear in many different rooms.
  • Dennis Racquet: A physical education teacher and President of the schoolhouse sports club.

The character that are not seen in-game

  • Lucy Baldimore: She is Baldi's mother and has been a bad influence on her son in killing children. Lucy is also chasing a student who got his math wrong.
  • Jason Riley: He is Baldi's father and always wished his son would have a different personality.
  • Susan Baldimore: This is the wife who is often forced by Baldi to do things she doesn't want to do.
  • Andrew Baldimore: Baldi's son, who searched for his sister and ran away, not knowing that she was dead.

Easter Egg characters

  • Cheer Bunny: She is Baldi's daughter, who was killed by him because she got a B in math instead of an A. From then on, she became a cheerful ghost at the schoolhouse.
  • Parasite: This is the soul of a student who transferred from Japan. This character appears in the form of a parasite.

Warped Characters



Warped Baldi

The Warped Test

List of all items

Regular items

These are items that function as in the original version of Baldi's Basic:

Fan-made items

  • Backpacks: Helps players store more items.
  • The Student Council's Pepper Spray: Spray on the teacher and The Test to blind them.
  • Math Textbook: Reduces Baldi's speed.
  • Student Council Nametag: Wear it and overcome the strange guys in school.
  • SuperWet Pack O' Soil: Help gamers escape from Carla.
  • Hanako Tape: Recording Hanako's death (bathroom).
  • Ren Tape: Records Ren's death (a class).
  • Emmanuel Tape: Recording Emmanuel's death (in a prison cell).
  • Baldimore Family History Tape: Unlock the bonus feature of each member, except for Baldi.
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