Schoolhouse is a smaller version of Super Schoolhouse and is a common setting in Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Classic Remastered versions. This location is an elementary school with a rectangular building and a single floor. Characters appearing in Schoolhouse are Baldi, Playtime, Arts and Crafters, It's a Bully, Principal of the Thing, 1st Prize, and Gotta Sweep.

List of rooms

  • Common locations





The classroom is the place that appears the most in the Baldi's Basics series. Players can find workbooks and some items here.


Appears in the form of a line and is the final goal of the game.

Faculty rooms

Students are not allowed in this restricted area. Principal of the Thing will scold the player for entering or leaving the lecturer's room.


Is the most popular location in the Schoolhouse. Players can find several doors leading into specific rooms. Besides, Quarter also appears here occasionally.

Principal's office

Owned by the Principal of the Thing. Players can see description posters of all the characters here. In addition, the principal's office is also where gamers are sent to violate the rules.

  • Special location





Players can find a number of food-related items and vending machines in this large room.

Gotta Sweep's closet

A small space where Gotta Sweep resides.

Outdoor area

For decorative purposes only, gamers cannot find any valuable objects here.

  • Hidden location




Baldi's Office

The office belongs to Baldi.


After obtaining seven notebooks in Story Mode, the player can see an image of the exit posted on the wall in a fake passageway. In addition, from the outdoor area, players can see through the walls of the Schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse are referred to as "here school" in the description on the second Bladder sign and the It's a Bully poster in the principal's office.

Mystman12 attempted, but hasn't yet completed, to make the traditional Schoolhouse map in Minecraft.

Baldi's Basics Classic or Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

When viewing the 3D model of the map, players can see six hidden empty rooms. These are places that activate Arts and Crafters allowing them to show up in locations on the map. They appear because, while the renderer, the engine that permits drawing the boxes, is disabled. Collisions are still present on the map since they are, in fact, collision boxes.

Baldi's Basics Classic

The brightness of the Schoolhouse in each version is different:

  • Versions 1.0 to 1.2.2, the lighting used is the default of Unity games.
  • Versions 1.3 to 4.1d, the lighting is darker than other versions.
  • Since version 1.4.2, it has the highest brightness and is stable in later demo versions.
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