1st Prize

1st Prize is a robot from the Science Fair of the Schoolhouse or the Super Schoolhouse, depending on the version of the Baldi's Basics games.

Profile Information

Other Aliases

  • First Prize
  • 1st






Science project


Hugging people


People dodging his hugs

Game Information

Spawn Location

Follows the Player


Attracts Baldi


Caption Color

  • Cyan
  • White

Official Description

Won 1st Prize at the Science Fair! Loves hugging people, rushing towards anyone it sees. Sadly, it turns super slowly.


1st Prize is a 3D-generated model with extremely rustic features. As a robot, he has a round head, two hands for hugging others, a body frame with a red heart inside it, and two wheels for movement. The head and heart are connected with two wires. When rotated to the side, his eyes turn out to be extremely long and spiky.

From the official description, 1st Prize absolutely loves to hug people, and he often asks the player to marry him. He doesn't like it very much when people refuse his hugs, and he has a tendency to drive the player straight to their doom without knowing anything since he holds no malice towards them.



Once 1st Prize sees the player, he will start turning around using his wheels, which aren't very fast. However, once the path is straight ahead, he will start going forward with unprecedented speed, pushing the player along the path. To stop him from pushing them, the player can use the Safety Scissors to sever his wires, making him slow down and spin around for 30 seconds before resuming on his track.

1st Place, along with Gotta Sweep, are the only characters capable of pushing the player around. The only difference between them is that 1st Place seeks out the player actively, while the other pushes them along the cleaning track. This can be either beneficial or disadvantageous to the player, depending on the situation they are in.

  • When trying to get away from Baldi, 1st Place can push the player down the hall extremely quickly, as long as he doesn't push them straight to Baldi.
  • 1st Place can also interrupt the jump rope minigame of Playtime by pushing the player away.
  • If 1st Place crashes into the window, he will break it, creating a new path for the player.
  • On the other hand, 1st Place can immobilize the player for a short moment when both of them crash into the wall. The loud noise from colliding with the wall will also notify Baldi, and he will make his way to the place.

To stop 1st Place from pushing, the player can wear the Big Ol' Boots to get past him. 1st Place cannot push any other characters, but he will pass through them while trying to hug the player. 

Other Appearances

  • Baldi's Basics Classic: 1st Prize appears in the darkened hallway where the mailbox comic can be found. During the time the player is pushed back by him, their stamina bar won't be refilled, regardless of whether they are pressing a button or not.
  • Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash: 1st Prize is one of the few characters not to wear any birthday accessories. He will also join other characters to surprise the player in the cafeteria.
  • Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered: 1st Prize functions the same as the previous games, except that he can break windows after crashing into them. The noise from colliding with the wall or the window will attract Baldi.



  • Despite being called “it” in his official description, 1st Prize is often referred to as “he” by the creator.
  • 1st Prize is the only character to talk in text-to-speech, whose voice is the slowed version of Dr. Sbaitso.
  • In one of Baldi's Valentine cards, the heart of 1st Prize can be seen next to Baldi. On another card, the player can see a large dent at the top of his heart.
  • When the player is pushed around by 1st Prize, the sound made by other characters will be heavily distorted.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • 1st Prize is one of the only characters to have a complete 360-degree view.
  • When 1st Prize moves in the opposite direction of Cloudy Copter's wind without seeing the player, he will flicker rapidly.
  • To hear the rare voice lines of 1st Prize, the player can try to hide behind him in the corner of hallways. They are so rare because he only has a 11% chance to say something when he manages to reach the location without seeing the player.
  • 1st Prize can be stuck with Beans' bubble gum for a limited time, then he will resume and charge towards the player. This can be avoided by escaping his line of sight while he is still stuck.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

  • 1st Prize seems to have a smaller body while in the cafeteria for the surprise party. In addition, only the front view of him can be seen regardless of the camera rotation.
  • The loud “Thud!” noise from colliding with the walls has not been added in the Classic version of the game due to bug issues.
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