It's a Bully

It's a Bully is a character from the Baldi's Basics game series. He is a fellow student of the player who loves to act like a bully and obstruct the player from going forward unless they give him something.

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Here at here school, we believe every good school needs a good bully! That's why we have this kid!


It's a Bully is a 3D-generated model, similar to Baldi. His body is created from a large ellipse sphere with skinny legs and arms, creating a rather disproportional look. He wears a bright orange shirt and blue pants. His face is distorted to the point of not being able to distinguish the nose properly. Next to his head is a floating sentence titled “THIS IS A BULLY."

It's a Bully doesn't have too much of a personality except for wanting to take the player's items. Due to his rather large figure, It's a Bully usually blocks the road and won't let the player pass through unless they give him something in return.



Once the player starts the game, It's a Bully can be found standing in the hallways of the school, blocking the path completely. Approaching It's a Bully will result in him taking a random item from the player's inventory and then disappearing, leaving the path for the player to pass through. In the event that the player doesn't have any items, he will simply stand there and refuse to move. Thankfully, he can't bully the school staff, so players can pass through him without losing any items using the Faculty Nametag.

No normal items and characters work on It's a Bully, including the BSODA and the pushing from Cloudy Copter and Gotta Sweep. If he stands between Baldi and the player, he will block the vision of the former completely, making Baldi unaware of the player's location. If the Principal of the Thing sees him trying to extort the player for an item, he will send It's a Bully to detention.

Field Trips

It's a Bully was one of the students participating in the camping field trip before the overhaul in V0.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus. He would follow behind the player sneakily, hiding behind the trees. Once he managed to reach the player, he would take away all the logs and run away. He would only do this once, and he could be pushed back using the BSODA.


It's a Bully appears in the Grapple Challenge, acting as a wall that will only be moved if the player has something other than the Grappling Hook.

Other Appearances



  • The non-distorted version of It's a Bully's head can be found in the files of Baldi's Basics Classic/Birthday Bash, which is an image with the name “PlaceFace”.
  • The deformed head of It's a Bully can be seen in the creator's video titled “I'm a CGI Pro Now”.
  • One of his lines, “I'm gonna take your candy,” is based on a video of PilotRedSun, a YouTuber that the creator is a fan of.
  • The text “THIS IS A BULLY” has a font size of 18 pixels.
  • Based on the creator's response, It's a Bully eats the stolen items, but only after putting them in his pockets and making them melt.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • According to the description in the Principal's office, the presence of a bully inside a school is necessary. Ironically, It's a Bully will receive detention if he is caught trying to take items from the player.
  • After It's a Bully disappears, he is “stored” below the map along with other unused items. This can be seen through hacking or glitching out of the floor with 1st Prize and teleportation.
  • It's a Bully is among the characters that don't take part in the party random event.

Baldi's Basics Classic

  • Both It's a Bully and the Quarter have the same spawn points.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash/Classic Remastered

  • In Party Style, It's a Bully will say, “Give me your gift..."
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