Principal's office

The principal's office has blue carpet and white walls. There are several posters on the wall that give a quick overview of the primary roles and skills of the Super Schoolhouse and Schoolhouse characters.

Additionally, this room also has different types of tables, and yellow globes are placed on some of them. Besides, it appears that a tape player is used to create annoying sounds from Baldi's Least Favorite Tape.


Common information




  • Tape player
  • Doors
  • Posters
  • Buttons
  • Lockers


List of appearances

Hide-and-Seek/Explorer Mode

The principal will transport the player to this mode if they break any rules at the school. It is strictly forbidden for students to run, access exclusive faculty rooms, drink, or get out of detention.

While in captivity, the player will see text displaying the remaining time on the screen and will not be able to open any doors before the countdown timer runs out. However, there are still a few ways to escape:

➤ The player can escape if the room door is still open or by the broken windows.

➤ After Mrs. Pomp unlocked the door.

➤ Escape through the whirlpool.

➤ In addition, there are a number of items that players can take advantage of, such as Portal Posters, Arts and Crafters, and Dangerous Teleporter.

Principal of the Thing sends the player to this room, where Baldi hears the Principal's voice lines and gravitates toward the center. The duration of a detention can range from 15 to 99 seconds, with each infraction adding five seconds to the meter. After 60 seconds, additional detentions last 99 seconds. The meter increases by five seconds for each transgression.

After being sent for breaking the "No bullying" rule, It's a Bully swiftly vanishes. Occasionally, parties are held in this office space, giving players the chance to win unique goods or a notebook when certain individuals are preoccupied.

Endless Mode - Medium

One of the tables in the principal's office has a button for lockdown doors and the Principal's Keys.


Challenge modes


Stealthy Challenge

Baldi will appear in the principal's office. On the wall of this room are five posters of the Principal of Thing. Besides, this room has no door, and players are only detained when the principal catches them.

Grapple Challenge

The principal is not present; only his office appears.

Speedy Challenge

The Principal's office does not appear.

Other versions

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered, the Principal's office has typical white brick walls. The Principal of the Thing will show up in this chamber if the player answers a problem in Baldi's Math Machine or the You Can Think Pad wrong.
  • The text regarding detention is more noticeable in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, where it says, "You get detention! (Time) seconds remain!" An exclamation mark (!) is used in place of a period (.) in the second assertion, and "have" rather than "get" is the second word in the first line. The timer increases by 15 seconds for each instance in which the player is detained.
  • After visiting the glitched school in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the player can use a Teleportation Teleporter or type 53045009 on the You Can Think Pad to go to the principal's office. The tape player may perceive Null behind it. Before the game crashes, Null approaches the player and starts talking to them.


Since the Principal's poster is the only one written in the first person, it seems that the Principal hung all of the character posters.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Posters do not appear fully for all characters.
  • The windows in the principal's office can have up to 10, and two of them connect to different rooms.
  • Players will not be scolded if they escape from the principal's office and go to the playground. However, the principal will scold them if they return to the office again and then run out again.

Baldi's Basics Classic

Big globes will be positioned in the principal's room rather than tables in version 1.0.

The principal's office is located in the middle of the Schoolhouse.

Baldi's Basics Classic/ Birthday Bash

The player can avoid being taken into custody by entering the principal's office and then waiting to exit via the door. But if the player leaves this location, he'll swiftly send them to detention.

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