Gotta Sweep's closet

Gotta Sweep's Closet is a special room of the Super Schoolhouse and Schoolhouse that connects the supplies doors. The room is simply designed with navy wooden panels surrounding one wall. The main character in this place is Gotta Sweep.


Common information


Gotta Sweep


  • WD-NoSquee (Classic/Classic Remastered)
  • Presents (Birthday Bash/Classic Remastered)


  • Doors
  • Posters
  • Lockers


List of appearances

Main Gameplay

Gotta Sweep's Closet is the place where Gotta Sweep spawns and seems to sweep. On very rare occasions, the closet may spawn with two doors, posters, lockers, or even a button.


Gotta Sweep and its closet only appear in the Grapple Challenge. It is located next to the faculty room with a BSODA.

Other versions


Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Along with the library, Gotta Sweep's closet is also a special room displayed in a separate tile on the map.
  • Placeholder textures are maintained until version 0.2.
  • On Endless Mode randomly generated maps, the old design was still in use prior to V0.2.2 and in the previous games.
  • Before V0.3.3, the Grapple Challenge continued to use the previous design.

Baldi's Basics Classic version

Since version 1.3, the WD-NoSquee and its poster have been added.

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