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Micah James McGonigal, more commonly known as mystman12, comes from Waynesboro, Virginia, USA. He uses the nickname on all of the platforms he participates in. Currently, mystman12 is the sole creator and developer of the Baldi's Basics series and also the founder of Basically Games!.

Micah McGonigal has an older brother named Ethan and an older sister who also supports him in Baldi's Basics, Candy.

Micah is a person who has a burning interest in making games, and it is these endless passions that have helped him create a series of projects before Baldi's Basics, such as Petit Computer, Future Pinball, and Scratch.

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning” was created by Micah for the annual Meta-Game Jam competition. He won second place for his invention. Then, the game became a hit when famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye played it.


Name of projects


Petit Computer

Future Pinball

Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride


You can shoot doughnuts in this game WOW!

Baldi's Basics

Basically, Games!

Social Media

Micah has nine accounts on seven platforms of social media.


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Micah McGonigal (@mystman12basically) • Instagram photos and videos 



Out of Context Files on my Computer (@mypcnocontext) / X 


mystman12 - YouTube 

miscman12 - YouTube 


mystman12 (@[email protected]) 

Nintendo Life







  • Nickname mystman12 is inspired by Micah's favorite game - Myst.
  • Micah created Baldi in his childhood. In addition, It's a Bully is also a character created a long time ago.
  • mystman12 loves the characters Baldi and Gotta Sweep.
  • Except for 1st Prize, Chalkles, Beans, Mrs. Pomp, and Johnny, mystman12 takes on the voices of all the remaining characters.
  • Micah worked as a merchandiser for several years before continuing on with the Baldi's Basics series.
  • On a YouTube livestream, mystman12 shared that he has only won Baldi's Basics Classic once.
  • WarioWare DIY is a game created by Micah on the Nintendo 3DS with Baldi in attendance.
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