Baldi's Basics Plus

Baldi's Basics Plus, originally known as Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning or simply Baldi's Basics, is the full game of the Baldi's Basics series created by Basically Games!

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linus


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox
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Basically Games


Puzzle, Horror, Survival, Parody, Retro



Release Date

  • June 12th, 2020 (Early Access)
  • TBA (Final Version)


Baldi's Basics Plus is the full-game version of the Baldi's Basics series, having the most features of all the games in the series. The game's first appearance was on a Kickstarter campaign on July 24th, 2018. After having reached (and exceeded) the target goal, Baldi's Basics Plus began its production and the early access version was released on June 12th, 2020 for $9.99.

In addition, below is the information regarding the additional releases of Baldi's Basics Plus:

  • August 12th, 2019: The Full Game Early Demo was made available to showcase new features of the game.
  • November 2nd, 2019: Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo was released for the backers who contributed $30 or more to the campaign.
  • March 31st, 2020: Early access to the game was announced on

Baldi's Basics Plus revolves around the Super Schoolhouse with different floors, which also serve as levels in the game. The game also introduces 15 new characters in addition to the 10 recurring ones. Other notable features include randomly generated maps, new subjects, random events, items, minigames (known as “field trips”), and more to come.


Just like the original game, Baldi's Basics Plus is a survival horror game that draws inspiration from badly-made 90s educational games such as Sonic's Schoolhouse. The player begins inside the Super Schoolhouse along with other characters, including Baldi, the head teacher of the school with an uncanny sense of hearing and a very sturdy wooden ruler. Throughout the game, the player will be chased by Baldi while trying to collect the notebooks scattered around the school, collect different items to aid their survival, and try to outsmart other characters. In addition, they can also take part in minigames known as “field trips” to practice and set new high scores.

There are many things that serve as inspiration for Baldi's Basics Plus:

  • The premises of the game mainly come from edu-tainment games from the 1990s such as Sonic's Schoolhouse, 3D Dinosaur Adventure, and so on.
  • The maze-like layout of the school comes from the 3D maze screensaver in Windows 95.
  • The non-uniform art style of the characters may have been inspired by the show The Amazing World of Gumball. However, it is unknown whether the show was truly the game's inspiration or if it was just a coincidence.
  • A few characters and voice lines were inspired by the works of PilotRedSun, a content creator known for surreal animation videos.


The general gameplay of Baldi's Basics Plus revolves around the player trying to navigate through the Super Schoolhouse. Based on the game mode, the objectives and controls may vary.

  • Hide-and-Seek Mode: Also known as Main Mode, the player is tasked with collecting the required number of notebooks on each floor and then progressing upward in an elevator—all while trying to avoid the evil clutches of Baldi.
  • Endless Mode: The player is challenged to find as many notebooks as possible before they are inevitably caught by Baldi, whose speed increases gradually.
  • Challenge Mode: This mode offers three different challenges that will put the player's maneuvering skills and reflexes to the test, including going on a stealth mission to avoid the pursuit of not one but six Principal of the Thing.
  • Field Trips: With this mode, the player can replay the minigames they have found in the Hide-and-Seek Mode.

In addition, Baldi's Basics Plus introduces new features to enhance the gaming experience of the player:

  • In Hide-and-Seek and Endless modes, all the floor plans will be randomly generated each time a new game begins. 
  • New timed events known as “random events” will appear with a certain possibility. This includes the whole school flooding, Baldi's ruler breaking, and so on.
  • The player will meet a different combination of non-playable characters in each gaming session.

Version History



Release date

Version 0.1

First release

June 12th, 2020

Version 0.1.1

Major update

June 13th, 2020

Version 0.1.2

Major update

June 19th, 2020

Version 0.1.3

Major update

July 7th, 2020

Version 0.1.4

Major update

July 25th, 2020

Version 0.1.5

Major update

August 15th, 2020

Version 0.2

Content update

September 12th, 2020

Version 0.2.1

Minor update

September 19th, 2020

Version 0.2.2

Major update

September 19th, 2020

Version 0.3

Improvement update

November 21st, 2020

Version 0.3.1

Minor update

December 4th, 2020

Version 0.3.2

Improvement update

December 18th, 2020

Version 0.3.3

Improvement update

June 23rd, 2021

Version 0.3.4

Major update

July 2nd, 2021

Version 0.3.5

Improvement update

May 7th, 2022

Version 0.3.6

Major update

May 13th, 2022

Version 0.3.7

Major update

May 20th, 2022

Version 0.3.8

Major update

November 4th, 2022


  • Currently, Baldi's Basics Plus, along with Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered, no longer has the 32-bit version due to Unity discontinuing support for 32-bit while the game was under development.
  • Micah McGonigal has plans to expand the platform of the game to mobile and consoles after he is done with the early access version. In fact, the developer already had a version on his phone on February 4th, 2023.
  • After finishing the game design document, Version 0.4 and more of the game will be released.
  • A new character will appear in V0.4, as stated in Status Update #17.
  • Version 1.0 is expected to offer more challenge maps, menu revamps, achievements, more horror and story contents, and so on.
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