Joshua Valent

Common introduction

Joshua Valent is known to be a relative of mystman12 and also contributed to the completion of the Baldi's Basics series.

Some items in Baldi's Basics Classic were suggested by Joshua, such as the WD-NoSquee letter and the name of the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar.

In addition, Joshua is also very enthusiastic about promoting Baldi's Basics Plus. In this game's Kickstarter advertisement, he appears wearing a red T-shirt and hat. Joshua plays a person who has a great passion for Baldi's Basics when he can ride a stationary bike while playing on a laptop or act like the character Null with a funny and distorted emotion.


  • Micah McGonigal revealed Joshua's proposed WD-NoSquee character on a live broadcast. After hearing his cousin's suggestion, Micah decided to include the character in the game to create a room that players might enjoy hiding in.
  • Players can see Joshua Valent's name appear in the credits with two characters he created and named.
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