Cady McGonigal

Common introduction

Cady McGonigal is the older sister of Micah James McGonigal (mystman12) and the main composer of the Baldi's Basics series. Besides, Cady is also the one who created the character Johnny, along with Micah's assistance in designing the character's appearance. She is also the voice of Johnny and Mrs. Pomp.

Currently, there is quite a bit of information about Cady because she is not someone who wants to share much and does not appear much on Baldi's Basics platforms.


Cady worked very hard and seriously when creating the most detailed background music for each situation in Baldi's Basics. The following is a list of the music she composed for this series:

  • Runner Star Home
  • Cheap Cutscene in a Cheap Edutainment Game
  • Creepy Old Computer
  • Flashback
  • Hayride Too I Don't Even Care
  • How to Eat Cheese
  • Meena Monna Moop
  • My Brother is a Clown
  • That Flips My Hat Backwards
  • The Side Effects of School
  • She Made a Mistake Right at the End
  • Just Messin' Around
  • Cheer for the Sport!
  • New Thing Unlockabled!
  • 99
  • Win

Up to now, players can enjoy three of these songs in the Baldi's Basics game series. The first is “Creepy Old Computer”, which plays during the fog event and the ending screen of the Field Trip demo. Next, “Hayride Too I Don't Even Care” was played during the party event and on the reminder screen of the demos. Finally, there is “Win,” which is played only once when time in the Field Trip demo ends.

Social Media

Cady has two accounts on social media.


Link account




  • You can find Cady's compositions for the Baldi's Basics series on the music streaming platform Spotify.
  • Cady no longer uses previously public social networking sites.
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