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blue, cyan, green, red, salmon, yellow





  • Baldi's Basics Plus: Collect this item to open the elevator door to explore the next floors.
  • Classic and Class Remastered version: Give to the players' friend.

Floor debut

Floor 1


Notebooks are the main target of the Baldi's Basics game series. As stated earlier, players in the Classic and Classic Remastered versions own these items. The notebooks are rectangular, come in different colors, and have spiral spines. Inside each of these items are math puzzles that gamers need to complete to complete the mission and not make Baldi angry.


Baldi's Basics Plus

Hide-and-SeekExplorer Mode

  • Notebooks appear on three floors in different quantities: four on floor 1, seven on floor 2, and nine on floor 3.
  • When players click on a notebook, the notebook counter increases, stamina is charged, and Baldi's speed increases.
  • From the 2nd floor, Baldi's Math Machines will appear in some classrooms. Notebooks from this device will not be counted. Besides, if floating balloons appear, gamers must answer the questions in them to get the notebook.
  • Each notebook will be equivalent to ten You Thought Points (YTP). The elevator will open when players collect all the notebooks on that floor.

Endless Mode

This mode does not limit the number of notebooks that players can collect. Each time the bell rings, gamers can understand this as a sign of a new notebook appearing at a random location. If the classroom has Baldi's Math Machine, players need to solve math problems to get the notebook. Note that this mode will not calculate YTP points when players collect key items.

Challenge Mode

Challenge modes

Quantity of notebooks

Speedy Challenge


Stealthy Challenge


Grapple Challenge


Baldi's Basics Classic

Story Mode

  • The first notebook will open a You Can Think Pad with three easy problems to solve. However, from the second book on, the difficulty will increase, and when gamers cannot solve the question, Baldi will approach the place where that notebook is.
  • It has a total of seven notebooks, and if six questions are incorrect, Baldi's speed will become amazing and can be faster than theirs. At that point, Arts and Crafters will become a terrible threat if looked at for more than a second. Gamers will immediately be taken to Baldi, and the game will be over.
  • Another goal in this mode is that gamers can navigate to find four escape routes to escape from this horror school and win the game.

Endless Mode

Notebooks will have easier math problems, but Baldi will gradually speed up over time. The game ends when gamers are caught by Baldi, and the score corresponding to their number of notebooks will be recorded.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

Includes the same 7 notebooks as in the Classic version plus two salmon notebooks.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

  • There are the same number of notebooks as the Classic/ Birthday Bash version, but with random colors.
  • In the Classic and Party Style, answering math problems incorrectly will also attract Baldi's attention to the notebook.
  • In the Null/Glitch Style, Null and the red Baldloon will be affected and move to the players' mission destination.

Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo

Includes eight green notebooks.


Baldi's Basics Plus

  • The number of notebooks depends on the number of classrooms that each floor creates.
  • From version 0.2, new players are provided with You Thought Points from collecting notebooks.
  • Before version 0.3.3, notebooks were green.

Baldi's Basics Plus/Classic Remastered

  • The notebook is smaller in size than Baldi's Basics Classic/ Birthday Bash.
  • The black notebook in the game file has not been used.

Baldi's Basics Classic

  • Since version 1.4, two red notebooks in the same classroom have changed to yellow.
  • Initially, all subjects were planned to be given as task questions. However, due to some problems with spelling and technical knowledge, everything was cut out and only math was kept. If players are passionate about challenges in other subjects, they can hack the game. Some of the subjects that can be seen then are English, History, Geography, Geology, and Science.
  • A funny typo that players may notice is that in the main screen of the "How to Play" section, the word notebooks is misspelled.

Baldi's Basics Classic/Birthday Bash

  • The collected notebooks will be saved below the map.
  • Math problems are difficult to solve when hacking games.
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