Energy Flavored Zesty Bar


Common information


Brown, purple, white, and green




1 use



50 YTPs


Increase energy and stamina for players

Floor debut

Floor 1


Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is an inventory item that resembles a foil-wrapped chocolate bar. Players can find them in many locations in the Baldi's Basics series.


In main gameplay, players right-click or press the Q key to use the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar. The function of this item is to increase players' strength and stamina. Players can track this indicator in the blue toolbar with the words "Staminometer". The ideal time to use the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is when many notebooks have been collected. Because at this point, Baldi's speed will be incredible, and gamers need to have high stamina to escape. In Challenge mode, players can promote the features of items in the Speedy and Stealthy Challenge.



  • In a faculty room.
  • A field trip is completed.
  • Buy from the Zesty machine by using a Quarter.
  • Buy from Johnny's Store with 50 YTPs.
  • In the playground of Endless Mode - Medium.

In each version


The word “zesty” actually describes foods that have a citrus-like flavor. If players use the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar when stamina is at 100%, the display bar will still only show 100%. In fact, at this time, gamers have 200% power. The display bar will change when the actual energy drops below 100%.

Baldi's Basics Classic

  • From version 1.1, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar appears in the cafeteria.
  • Before version 1.3, eating this item in front of the principal was a violation of the rules.
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