Johnny's Store

Johnny's Store with colorful wallpaper is located in front of the Super Schoolhouse's first level. A man wearing a blue T-shirt with hair covering his eyes standing at the counter is Johnny - the store owner. 

The player can observe several objects placed on the white shelf: items used to fill out the map for the upcoming floor and a suspended hammer to banish a character. Besides, this location also has a green text bubble that reads "deals and also steals!".

Additionally, next to the item shelf is a navy blue table with a Baldi head and a counter displaying the player's You Thought Points.


Johnny's Store is added in the Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.2 with only one character, the store owner. The purpose of this room is to provide players with all the items and favors they can exchange with You Thought Points.

Players can purchase items to instantly appear in their inventory when there are fewer than five items in their collection. If the inventory is full, purchased items will be placed on shelves and the player can use them by dragging and dropping the desired item into their inventory location. As a result, the item the player just picked will take the place of an item that was in the inventory.

Players are unable to remove anything from the shop, including inventory goods and products on recently purchased shelves. This implies that they will be allowed to take a maximum of five items with them when they go .When they're prepared, players can click the "Back" button to leave this location. Two choices: "I'm ready!" and "Not yet!" will be shown along with the warning, "Are you ready to leave? The items left on the counter will be lost!".

List of productions

*Note that the price is the You Thought Points

  • Items






Open a can and spray anyone in the way.

Energy Flavored Zesty Bar


Increase energy and stamina.

Swinging Door Lock


Place on any swing door to lock in seconds. Note that characters cannot walk through but can still see through these locked doors.

Alarm Clock


Baldi will want to investigate when this clock goes off, so set it up! Unless he sees you, of course.

Principal's Keys


Help players unlock every door.



Good for any task requiring a bright quarter!



Spray it on doors or lockers to keep quiet and avoid being detected by Baldi by noise.

Safety Scissors


Used to cut things like jumper cables, gum, and electrical wires.

Dangerous Teleporter


Helps players move positions. Note that the destination is random so it can be safe or dangerous.

Dirty Chalk Eraser


Creates chalk dust to block Baldi and his friends' vision. Players can hide behind this layer of dust or use it to sneak past other characters.

Portal Poster


Helps the player go through the wall and stick it up as long as the other side is a room.

Faculty Nametag


Players will be transformed into teachers in Super Schoolhouse and no one can influence them. Except Baldi of course and he knows the name tag is fake.

Baldi's Least Favorite Tape


The sound from the tape will make Baldi deaf and the player can make any noise during this time.

Big Ol' Boots


Helps players prevent being pushed by other characters and obstacles.

Grappling Hook


Shoot it at a far wall to chain it up quickly.

An Apple for Baldi


Give it to Baldi and he will rest for a while to enjoy it.

  • Favors




Map Fill

1st floor: 50

2nd floor: 150

3rd floor: 300

Buy this and your map will be completed in no time. This helps gamers plan their route before exploring the game.


The announcement that these features would be included in the Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2 update was made in two different posts on Steam and Kickstarter. The teaser pictures were then shared on Twitter.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • The item shelf can hold six products at all times, however each time the player visits the store, a different set of items is chosen at random, leaving some slots unfilled.
  • Baldi's Basics Plus has three floors now, so you can't use the suspend feature. It will be used to stop a certain character from spawning till the end of the game, however it won't work for Baldi or Principal of the Thing.
  • The original price when introduced for Dangerous Teleporter was 200 but has been reduced by half.
  • Rarely three items of the same type appear at the same time.
  • Before version 0.2.2, items were always placed on the counter even if the inventory was not full. In addition, after this version, the message "The items left on the counter will be lost" will appear. Before that, the screen will display the sentence "Make sure the items you want to keep are in your inventory!".
  • It's interesting to note that players may not see the words "Johnny's Goodies and stuff" because of the game's color scheme.
  • This site makes advantage of different scale options in order to fill the screen, unlike Super Schoolhouse. This explains the disparities in size of the inventory.
  • Prior to V0.3, floors 1 and 2 had map filling fees of 200 and 250 YTP, respectively.
  • Coughing noises were audible more often prior to V0.3.5.
  • There was no transition while loading or accessing Johnny's Store prior to V0.3.6.
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