Baldi's Nightmare


Baldi's Nightmare is a horror exploration adventure game created by Mideval Games using the Unity engine. The main context of the game is that Baldi has a terrifying dream about an escape from the Schoolhouse.

After a tiring day of work with rowdy students, Baldi decided to relax with a nap. Unfortunately, a nightmare suddenly struck and made him feel lost in his own dream. Baldi tried to open the main door to escape, but the door remained motionless, forcing him to find another way. However, on that journey, Baldi "was not alone". Hideous monsters are ready to appear at any time to hinder the main character. These enemies have strange and bizarre shapes. Baldi needs to overcome their terrible pursuit to complete the missions and escape this terrible nightmare.


Story Mode

The player needs to control Baldi to explore around the school to find eight keys. Characters that seem familiar to the main character have now turned into strange enemies that gamers need to direct Baldi to deal with.

Story Mode includes 20 stages, and the schoolhouse will change after each round. The following levels will have higher difficulty than the previous level. When you reach the 20th stage, the opponent you need to deal with is a horror version of Baldi that appears.

Don't worry too much; the main character will receive help from another entity called "It's an Upstander". This support character will help Baldi's guardian by pushing enemies away, and he has a 40% chance of being able to kill them. Players need to take advantage of the time with It's an Upstander to control Baldi and find as many useful items as possible. Because this support person will be killed when reaching stage 13. Baldi and It's an Upstander will have a short conversation before separating, and the player will be the main character's only companion at this time.

Endless Mode

Endless Mode also has 20 stages created with random difficulty levels. However, gamers can set the difficulty of rounds with follower options and the number of keys required, which is different from Baldi's Basics. The minimum number of keys is two, and the maximum is eight. Furthermore, It's an Upstander will also appear according to the player's arrangement.

What remains after setting these options is the same as Story Mode. Gamers need to control Baldi to search for hidden keys in the schoolhouse to escape.

Main objects

  • Enemies





At the beginning of this game.

The Skeleton of the Thing

When players collect 2/8 keys.

The Broom

Nightmare Tormentor

At the time players collect 4/8 keys.

Horror Obsidian

When players collect 6/8 keys.


In following stages: 5-7, 8-13, and 17-19.

Bloody Baldi

Only in the secret stage or game hack.

  • Items and weapons




Wooden Ruler

Appears right from the beginning in Baldi's hand. Stun other characters for five seconds. Every 15 seconds after use, it will be restored.

Plastic Ruler

Stun other characters for ten seconds. Every 10 seconds after use, it will be restored.

Metal Ruler

Enemies will be stunned for 15 seconds when the player uses this item, and it only takes five seconds to cool down.


Appears right from the beginning of this game. Helps players light the way; the battery will run out if it is turned on continuously for a long time.


Push enemies before disappearing after three seconds.


Push enemies but it does not disappear.

Golden Notebook

Randomly spawn in each stage.

Energy Flavored Zesty Bar

Helps increase energy and stamina by 100% for five seconds.

Lethargy-Flavored Dreary Bar

Confuses the player with the Energy-Flavored Zesty Bar and takes away all stamina for ten seconds.

Yellow Door Lock

Lock the door in ten seconds.

Crimson Notebook

Appears (rarely) from stages 1 to 19.

The different endings

Good Ending

Players will be surprised to learn that the quest to find the key will not help the main character have a good ending. To have a perfect awakening, you need to control Baldi to search for nine golden notebooks that appear in random stages.

After Baldi destroys the last enemy, he will fall into the abyss. However, at this time, the main character will wake up immediately and return to normal life. Baldi went to class to start a new lesson with Obsidian's greetings. Everything was fine, and Baldi's daily routine went normally again.

Bad Ending

After defeating the last enemy, the main character also falls into the abyss. Baldi also woke up and prepared for a new teaching session. However, when Obsidian asked about Baldi, his body began to malfunction. Other entities in the classroom also suffered from the same condition as Obsidian, causing Baldi to run out of the classroom in fear.

Baldi encounters Playtime's hideous version of HorrorTime and escapes from him to the principal's office. After reassuring the main character a few words, the principal also began to transform into a skeleton identical to the one in that terrible nightmare. A bad thing happened soon after, all the deformed entities cornered Baldi, including his clone. The main character is taken down by Obsidian and It's a Bully and being destroyed by his own weird clone. And the horrors of this hellish dream continued afterward with unlimited game rounds.

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