Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors
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A survival game worth trying is called Vampire Survivors. Destroy monsters with high-level weapons and win as fast as you can now! An intense battle is waiting for you. are you ready?

In Vampire Survivors, you have access to a wide variety of lethal implements at your disposal. To defeat the foe, rely on your trusty crucifix, garlic bulb, King's Bible, or magic wand.

Getting gold at the end of each run in Vampire Survivors is a good strategy for accelerating your progress toward victory. Put it toward better weaponry, more health, and more ability to aid the next person to survive. Is it in your plans to go to war right now, even though you know it would be expensive? Come on, start the music!

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How To Play

  • It's time to get started, so hit the "Play Game" button.
  • To play, you may either click or tap the screen, or use a mouse or keyboard.