Scary Granny Games Ghost Games

Scary Granny Games Ghost Games
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Scary Granny Games Ghost Games takes players to an abandoned mansion with strange events. Let's decode the hammer learning riddles here.

At Scary Granny Games Ghost Games, you will have a feeling of suspense and anxiety throughout the game because you don't know when the evil old lady will appear. Be fast to open the closed doors and be ready for some challenging riddles, for the bizarre monster house next door has a lot of stuff and clues. Solve the puzzle-based escape missions that will excite you. As you investigate creepy, strange chambers, you should keep a look out for the eerie nun. If you come across them, hiding in the closet or under the bed, or fleeing the crime site, are good ways to get away from the terrible, terrifying old woman. Try to get out as soon as possible. Play now!

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How To Play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Use mouse to play.