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Puppet Hockey
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A hockey game in Pupapet Hockey will be a great way to help you dispel fatigue after stressful working hours. Representing a country, bring victory!

Players will be able to choose their own nation when they first begin playing Pupapet Hockey. You'll don the colors of a nation and go to war with other nations to earn your country's respect and honor. Two players will be on opposing sides of the goal in each game. They're holding two hockey sticks and ready to take a swing at the ball. Whoever successfully sends the ball into the opponent's goal net is the winner. The duration of each round is 60 seconds.

The best Pupapet Hockey players have solid technique and can recognize and capitalize on openings when they arise. If you want to get an early lead over your opponent, it's best to be swift on your feet and in charge of the ball. It's important to avoid bias, but you also need to be cautious since they can try to grab your ball. You'll have to battle it out for possession of the ball. The same holds true for when the ball bounces high and far; if you don't go after it, your opponent will take advantage of the situation and smash the ball back in your direction, often with more force. For Pupapet Hockey, everything goes. Have you been waiting for this thrilling hockey match?

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How To Play

  • It's time to get started, so hit the "Play Game" button.
  • Make use of the directional buttons to navigate.
  • Achieved by pressing the letter