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Granny promises to bring players an extremely memorable and horror gaming experience. Are you afraid of the dark and hate being confined? This will be a challenging horror game for you to explore. Find a way to escape from the dingy room and dilapidated corridor around now!

The special thing in Granny game is that your grandmother is the one who imprisons you. She wants you to live with her but you don't. That's why she forced you to live with her by imprisoning you. But the living space here is too stuffy and you are too tired of this place. Don't give up, get up and escape from this place now!

Granny game requires players to be very careful with every movement because a small noise of you is enough to be detected. All your escape plans will fail before the sharp grandmother. Are you ready to join this escape?

Besides, there are many other escape games on our website. You can refer more and try some other games like Backrooms...

How To Play

  • Start playing game by click “Play Game”.
  • Use the mouse and arrow keys to move and play the game
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