FNAF Horror At Home

FNAF Horror At Home
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In FNAF Horror At Home, you will be a famous bear - Freddy Fazbear. Scare the kids without being detected by their parents for 150 seconds.

FNAF Horror At Home is a horror game inspired by the famous game called Five Nights at Freddy's. Here, the player's task is to make the children feel afraid of you, but absolutely do not let their parents find out. Otherwise, you will lose. Each level is limited to 150 seconds. If during that time, you make the battery meter reach 10, you will complete the mission of that level and can continue to play the next levels. The game requires observation and agility. You just have to scare them quickly, and also observe a wide angle to clearly understand the surrounding situation.

In FNAF Horror At Home, players will enter the space of a normal house but the feeling it brings is extremely dark and strange. Every corner of the house has dim light, making the scene even more scary. Stay calm and explore every corner in this game. Do everything you can to tire the kids to the point of depleting their energy bars. Be careful because their parents may appear unexpectedly. The game has many levels. Conquer each level in the game. Are you ready? Play now!

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How To Play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Use mouse to play.