An Apple for Baldi


Common information






15 seconds



250 YTPs


Distract Baldi

Floor debut

Floor 1


An Apple for Baldi is a red ripe apple model and is an item available in the inventory of Baldi's Basics Plus.


When players are caught by Baldi, if they possess an apple, he will take that apple away and stop chasing for 15 seconds. Please escape quickly during this time.


Main gameplay

  • An Apple for Baldi can be found on the tree in the playground. Players use the Grappling Hook to obtain items.
  • Some locations where the apple can appear are: the Principal's office, outdoor area, or a secret room. Additionally, players can purchase it with 250 YTPs at Johnny's Store.
  • In Challenge mode, gamers can only find An Apple for Baldi at the tree in the playground in the Grapple Challenge.

In each version

  • Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered: enable Debug Mode and get in the menu, Baldi's Office after defeating Null, in the commercial for Baldi's Basics Plus, and in the MATH book cover.
  • Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo: there is only one apple on the tree in the playground.


Baldi's passion for apples was inspired by the fact that teachers often like apples in real life.

Baldi's Basic Plus

  • This is the highest priced item in Johnny's Store with 250 YTPs because of its great uses.
  • During the actual trip, trying to receive An Apple for Baldi is pointless and Baldi will immediately take the item back.
  • From version 0.3 onwards, Baldi is designed with additional outfits for camping and farming trips.
  • While Baldi enjoys the apple, there will be a sound clip with the content "run" as if to remind gamers to escape quickly before Baldi returns to the chase.
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