Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons
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Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a traditional solitaire game with over 2000 levels. To pass the level maps, explore the farm by sorting and clearing cards.

Seasons is separated into two sections: the TriPeaks puzzle level and the farm on the level map, where you may harvest crops, establish a farm, and play mini-games to earn boosters.

The card will be broken into two halves using the TriPeaks puzzle level in Solitaire Farm: Seasons. The side of the cards will be stacked haphazardly, with one or a few cards flipped up. The cards are piled at the bottom, with just one card turned up. All you need to do is link the cards above with the cards below by selecting the cards closest to the cards below in sequence. For instance, if the card below is a 9, you may choose either 8 or 10. If the higher cards cannot be matched with the cards below, go to the next card down. Rep until all of the cards above have been cleared. The leftover cards at the bottom will be transformed into bonuses and used to determine your ranking. Let's get started!

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How To Play

  • To begin, press the "Play Game" button.
  • To clear them, match the cards above and below them.