Playful Kitty

Playful Kitty
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Playful Kitty, in which players must smash bricks to get wool for a lovely cat, is certain to be a good time-killer for everybody.

A charming cat in Playful Kitty is having a little difficulty getting the wool roll from above. A roll of wool is being stacked on top of a stack of planks and bricks. The block may be broken, forming a slide down which the wool can roll to reach the cat. If you can accomplish it, it will be really glad and thankful to you.

I'm sure you'll be glad to assist with Playful Kitty being such a lovely kitty. This cat is quite drowsy, however. Try to assist it in obtaining the woolen roll as quickly as you can. You must count all the bricks that can be broken before breaking the ones required to move the wool to the finish line. Avoid accidentally breaking any bricks since it will ruin everything. Are you willing to assist the adorable cat? Now let's play!

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How To Play

  • To start the game, choose "Play Game."
  • To destroy the brick, click on it.