In Impostor, you are an astronaut trying to protect a spaceship along with the rest of the crew. There is an impostor among them. Find and eliminate him.

In the movie, "Impostor," there is an impostor on board your spaceship, which makes it very difficult to complete a rescue operation. Everyone on your team, including you personally, is a potential victim of their assassination plot. Employing extreme care and maintaining a sharp eye will allow you to locate them as fast as feasible. If you don't take action, they will make things difficult for both your crew and the ship.

It's important to keep in mind that the "imposter" in "Impostor" might as well be a person who chooses to hide in the shadows. He waits for you and your allies to be unaware of his presence before approaching you from behind and murdering you all. Always proceed with considerable care given the Herculean nature of the endeavor of determining his genuine identity. Try your hand at it at this very second!

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How To Play

  • Choosing "Play Game" will start the game.
  • Use mouse to play.
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