FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter
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Entering the gloomy supermarket space in FNaF Shooter, players will encounter scary and tenacious animatronics. Your mission is to destroy them. Tear them apart, get rid of these animatronics and be the last one to survive.

In FNaF Shooter, you will be provided with a number of weapons to use and serve you during the move. The guns are ready. Use all your powers and go deep into a dark and sinister shopping mall to discover the wonders. Are you a coward? Are you afraid of gloomy, creepy spaces? Do you dare to conquer the challenge and become the only survivor in FNaF Shooter? Let's play now!

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How To Play

  • Choosing "Play Game" will start the game.
  • To play, use your mouse.
  • Look around with the WASD keys
  • Move using the combination of W and Shift keys.
  • Run with left mouse button and hold right mouse button to shoot.