Endless Mode

Endless Mode is one of the main modes in the Baldi's Basics game series. As the name suggests, this mode challenges the player to take as many notebooks as possible while avoiding the pursuit of Baldi.



In Endless Mode, the goal of the player is to survive for as long as they can, which also means not letting Baldi catch them. Baldi's moving speed increases gradually as the game goes on. Interestingly, the notebooks serve a completely different role in this mode: instead of making Baldi speed up in Story Mode, each notebook taken by the player will slightly slow down his movement speed. As such, collecting the notebook is crucial to ensuring the player's survival, but sooner or later, Baldi will become much faster than them.

Baldi's Basics Plus

Before playing the game in Endless Mode, the player can choose between the two level options:

  • Random: A randomly generated level from a random or chosen seed. Players can also generate a seed by interacting with the high score.
  • Medium: Play on a pre-generated map.

Baldi's Basics Classic/Birthday Bash/Classic Remastered

The Endless Mode begins similarly to the Story Mode, except for when the player finds the third notebook. This time, all the math questions are answerable, and this applies to all the notebooks afterwards. Picking all three answers correctly will result in a slight decrease in Baldi's moving speed, making it crucial to do this in the subsequent encounters with the notebooks.

In Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered, the Fun Settings aren't available in Endless Mode since they will affect the scores on the leaderboard.



  • To notify the player, the notebooks will make a sound when they spawn. This noise can also be seen with the caption option.
  • The Endless Mode is not available for the demo games, except for Demo Style.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • In Endless Mode (Medium), the player can encounter seven characters.
  • In this mode, the Test Procedure event won't happen.
  • In the future, the level option for Small and Large will be implemented.

Baldi's Basics Classic/Birthday Bash

  • If the player manages to collect more notebooks than their previous records, a red text will be shown: “WOAH WOW KAZOW! THAT'S A NEW HIGHEST SCORE!”
  • For unknown reasons, only the ruler of Baldi in the icon is untextured.
  • If the player has seven or more notebooks and touches one of the exits, they may win Endless Mode. This does not apply to the Endless Mode in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

  • In NULL and Glitched Styles, if the player picks the Endless Mode, the game will still continue as the Story Mode.
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