Crazy Cameraman Skibidi

Crazy Cameraman Skibidi
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Crazy Cameraman Skibidi is an addictive 3D shooting game with many levels. Get rid of all the Skibidi from the game by shooting at them. Cameraman Skibidi are moving all over your city, messing everything up and your life is in danger because of them. Complete the quest to banish them from your city.

In Crazy Cameraman Skibidi, the player can track the movement of Cameraman Skibidi by looking at the map. On the map, red dots represent Cameraman's location. Get close and destroy them. Besides, on the way you will see weapons appear on the way. It will be an essential tool for players to use in their adventure. Take up the challenge and discover new things in this game. Play now!

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How To Play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Move with WASD keys
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