Baldi Game: Education and Training

Baldi Game: Education and Training
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Baldi Game: Education and Training is a parody game that combines learning and fun. You will play the role of a high school student who wants to leave school early, but you will have to face challenges from Professor Baldi, a genius whose mind is constantly buzzing with mathematical equations, has locked the doors, and your only hope is to solve your way out.

In this unique blend of puzzle-solving and horror inspired by Baldi's Basic, you play as a curious student trapped within the halls of a seemingly endless school. You have to search for open doors in school and solve math problems on tablets in classrooms. IBaldi will pursue and capture you if your response is incorrect or you are late. Navigate the labyrinthine hallways, unlock doors with your knowledge, and complete tasks that will test your logic and reasoning skills. You must use your mind and agility to overcome difficulties and escape school before it's too late. Get ready to test your wits and escape the clutches of Professor Baldi!

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How To Play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Use mouse to play.