Baldi Basics Map Challenge Online

Baldi Basics Map Challenge Online
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The surroundings of Baldi Basics Map Challenge Online look cheerful and bright in stark contrast to the horrors that await you behind closed doors. Everything takes place in a school that looks normal on the surface but has a truly terrifying character, Baldi. He is a math teacher but hates children and has actions that clearly show it. Let's pass the missions to return home. If you make a mistake, he will go crazy and chase you around the campus. This is inevitable because there are really difficult questions and no solutions. The only thing you can do is run fast to escape from him.

In Baldi Basics Map Challenge Online, players will be able to explore 3 different challenging maps namely speed challenge, stealth challenge and grappling challenge. In the speed challenge, you will have to face Baldi with no one else around. Your goal in this challenge is to collect 25 notebooks and leave the school. Next, in the stealth challenge, your goal is to accumulate 7 notebooks while invisibility without being detected by the principal. Finally, in the grappling challenge, you can use the grappling hook to fool Baldi and his friends, then run fast, don't let him hurt you. In short, all the challenges in Baldi Basics Map Challenge Online are moderate, not too easy but not too difficult. You will enjoy playing it from the first time. Are you a person who loves challenges and discovering new things? Play it now!

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How To Play

  • Choosing "Play Game" will start the game.
  • Mysterious Password: 53045009
  • To answer the question that is said to be impossible, type 31718.
  • To switch to god mode in Baldi, enter the sequence "7154131545" in the document section.
  • Use the WASD key to move.