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Tetris is a challenging puzzle game in which you must rotate and move the block above such that when it falls, it makes one or more horizontal blocks. Alexey Pajitnov invented it in 1984. Thus far, it has been described as a popular and widely played puzzle game.

Tetris is a puzzle game with several stages and increasing complexity as the Tetriminos pieces fall quicker. As a result, you must swiftly modify and rotate the blocks so that they fall down as you like. It's better to avoid leaving gaps in the centre of the rows. When a row is entirely filled, it gets eliminated. Please remove as many rows as you can! Play right now!

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How To Play

  • To begin playing, click "Play Game."
  • By using the left and right arrow keys, you may adjust and rotate the blocks.
  • To make the block fall quicker, use the down arrow key.
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