Skibidi Toilet FPS Shooting Survival

Skibidi Toilet FPS Shooting Survival
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In Skibidi Toilet FPS Shooting Survival, players will play first-person shooting, observe, search and destroy skibidi. Become a skibidi hunting master.

Skibidi Toilet FPS Shooting Survival is an addictive shooting game with simple but engaging gameplay. When starting, the player will have to find and collect weapons by pressing the E key to hold the gun in hand. Then, let's get into a real skibidi hunt. Skibidi are everywhere in the city. Keep a safe distance from them and kill them by shooting at it. Don't let them get close. Be wary because they can appear from behind you. Destroy as many skibidi as possible. Are you ready? Play now!

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How To Play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Use mouse to play.
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