Moto X3M

Moto X3M

Moto X3M with 25 levels with constantly changing motion effects, will always give players a new and challenging experience. Motion effects in Moto X3M are constantly shifting at a steady pace, giving players a taste of various environments without making them dizzy from the constant acceleration. Participate in the excitement of the race while striving to cross the finish line as quickly as possible.

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How To Play

  • Start playing by click “Play Game”.
  • To move, jump up, sit down, left, and right, use the "W", "S", "A", and "D" keys, or the keyboard's arrow keys.
  • The player and the screen may be scrolled left and right by using the mouse.
  • To go left or right, either press the button or use the mouse's left button to drag.
  • You may speed up your movement by pressing certain keys at once.
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