Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum

Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum
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In Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum, you have a grandfather who is having mental problems and is locked up in a scary old Asylum. Find out his secrets are hidden in the very place where you are locked up. By all means get out of there!

At first, your grandfather in Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum was a nice guy. He was the one who taught, protected you since you could walk, taught you how to drive, how to play catch the ball... However, unfortunately, he had a psychological problem after that. He thought he was a hero saving the world. And inadvertently that turns you into a victim of being locked up by him as a guest. Find a way out of this dark place. Experience the feeling of playing horror games alone or share with friends to experience together. Play now!

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How To Play

  • Choosing "Play Game" will start the game.
  • To play, use your mouse.
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