Chalkles is a character from the Baldi's Basics game series created by Micah McGonigal. He is the mischief-maker of the school and loves to pull pranks on other students.

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Chalk-drawn face






  • Causing mischief
  • Trapping the player inside a classroom



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Some kid drew this face and next thing you know it's floating around, laughing and making mischief.


Chalkles is a 2D drawing that resembles a distorted scribble created by using chalk on a blackboard. From its appearance, two eyes can be seen, along with something that resembles a mustache and two teeth. Based on the description in the poster, Chalkles' favorite activity is to cause trouble around the school.



Once the player enters a classroom, Chalkles may be visible on the blackboard. If the player stays inside the classroom long enough, he will slowly become tangible. After 15 seconds, if the player doesn't leave the room, he will materialize completely and lock the player inside the classroom for a while. He will also spin around while laughing creepily, attracting Baldi to the classroom while preventing the player from escaping the place. After 15 seconds, Chalkles will finally let the player open the door and leave the classroom. He fully disappears after 10 seconds.

In case the player wants to get away from the classroom after Chalkles has materialized, they can use one of the following methods:

  • Open the door with the Principal's Keys.
  • Attract the Principal of the Thing and get teleported to his office for detention.
  • Teleport away with the Dangerous Teleporter.
  • Walk through the wall using the Portal Poster.
  • Get teleported away by Arts and Crafters.

To avoid Chalkles altogether, the player can use the Faculty Nametag, which will prevent him from reappearing. This item is ineffective once he has already materialized. In addition, BSODA has no effect on Chalkles.

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  • So far, Chalkles is the smallest character in the game.
  • Despite being referred to as “it” in the original description, the game's creator confirms that his gender is "male."
  • The name “Chalkles” may be a combination of the words “chalk” and "chuckles."
  • Chalkles was created by both Micah McGonigal and his sister, Cady McGonigal.

Baldi's Basics Plus

  • Chalkles' spinning around the player rapidly resembles Arts and Crafters when he is triggered.
  • He is the only character that does not spawn outside the rooms.
  • He is also among the characters not joining the party event.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

  • In Demo Style, there is a chance for Chalkles to appear on the wall that connects to Baldi's Basement, making it impossible to reach this place using the Portal Poster during the run.
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