Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy
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Magic Cat Academy with 5 levels, promises to bring players to a creepy battle space with many ghosts and monsters around. In which, gamers will control a witch cat called Momo and battle numerous ghosts and monsters in five levels.

To fight the ghosts at the Magic Cat Academy, you must slide your mouse in the direction determined by the symbol on the head of each ghost. You may utilize the rays to destroy opponents on the screen by sliding in one of four distinct directions: horizontal, vertical, "v" and "shaped". Swiping in the form of a heart will occasionally heal the player.

Google Doodle debuted their Magic Cat Academy online game on October 31, 2016. As a Halloween treat, the game may be found in lieu of Google's usual logo on the search page. Besides, there are many other fun games on our website. You can refer more and try some other games like Five Nights at Freddy's,...

How To Play

  • Start playing by click “Play Game”.
  • Make drawings inspired by the shapes on the ghosts.
  • Fill in the heart to feel revitalized.
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