Hide-and-Seek is the standard mode of Baldi's Basics Plus. In this mode, the player will have to play a game of hide-and-seek with Baldi while trying to retrieve all the notebooks on each floor.



The game begins with the player meeting Baldi, standing in front of the elevator. Once the player gets far enough or opens a blue locker, the hide-and-seek game will be triggered, and Baldi will start the countdown. Once he finishes counting down, he will start chasing after the player. The gameplay of the Hide-and-Seek Mode is essentially the same as parts of the Story Mode from other games, except for a few points.

First of all, the player needs to progress through three different floors instead of one school layout. Secondly, to reach the next floor, the player needs to reach the elevator instead of the exit door. Thirdly, each floor requires a different number of notebooks to be collected, with the last floor having the most notebooks. The number of notebooks per floor is shown below:

  • Floor 1: 4 notebooks
  • Floor 2: 7 notebooks
  • Floor 3: 9 notebooks

Last but not least, the player can save their progress on each floor and quit the game. They will be able to resume their progress next time.

Full Game Early Demo

During the earlier days, the Hide-and-Seek in Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo had different features in comparison to the current version:

  • The layout of the school is on one floor only.
  • The player needs to collect 8 notebooks.
  • To escape the school, the player needs to reach 4 elevators.
  • If the player has 1 elevator left, all other characters except for Baldi will despawn, and he will speed up considerably.
  • The player cannot save the game midway.
  • Once the player manages to take all the notebooks, Baldi will congratulate them.


  • Before July 3, 2023, this mode was referred to as "Story Mode" or "Main Mode" in the Baldi's Basics Press Kit.
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