Field Trips (mode)

Field Trips is one of the modes exclusive to Baldi's Basics Plus. This mode allows the player to replay the minigames, or "field trips," that have appeared throughout the game.



Field Trips offers two minigames for the player to set new high scores or for those who simply want to practice their skills.

In the main mode of Baldi's Basics Plus, field trips are side-quests that award the player with items and You Thought Points (YTPs) upon completion. Reaching Baldi's bus in the outdoor area of the school (only available on Floor 2) will give the player one of the two minigames. Baldi will give a brief instruction before the game begins.

Based on the performance of the player, completing the minigame will give them up to three items and 300 YTPs. The performance is shown as the number of yellow stars on the result screen. Having no stars means that the player won't receive anything. The minigame can only be played once in a run.

List of Minigames





It's the middle of the night, and Baldi needs the player to keep the fire warm by placing logs into it. The main goal of this minigame is to sort the piles of logs into the right campfires, each of which contains a math question. Each time the player answers the question incorrectly, a star will be deducted, and the game ends once all three stars have been lost.


This minigame puts the player inside a corn maze with different animals inside it and a barn in the upper left corner. The main goal of this minigame is to lead the right kind of animal into the barn within the time limit. In each round, the chosen animal is shown in the barn. The maze shuffles every 5 rounds, and a new animal will be added in the 10th round. The longer the game is, the less time is given in each round.


  • This game mode first appeared on the description of Baldi's Basics Press Kit page on the website of Basically Games!
  • Both the Camping and Farm minigames were vastly different prior to V0.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus. In the camping minigame, the player needed to collect logs to keep the fire burning for as long as they could; in the farm minigame, the player had to navigate in the corn maze to reach the flag.
  • As confirmed by the creator of the game, more field trips will be added to the game in the future.
  • The number of items the player will gain is the same if the number of stars earned is two or three.
  • From V0.3 onward, the player can't pause the minigame to prevent cheating.
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