Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is one of the main game modes available in Baldi's Basics Plus. This mode offers three different challenges for the player to test their skills.



Challenge Mode gives the player the chance to play the game with different twists in the gameplay. This includes adding different mechanics or blocking the player from using certain actions. Regardless of which challenge they choose, the map of the school will be the same.

Once the player manages to complete the challenge, Baldi will congratulate the player with:

“Wow, you did it! Baldi gives your performance a up! See if you can win them all!"

List of Challenges




Speedy Challenge

Only the player and Baldi are inside the school, and both of them move extremely fast. The objective is to retrieve all 25 notebooks without getting caught by Baldi and escape the school by reaching the four elevators.

Stealthy Challenge

There are not one but six Principal of the Thing patrolling around the school, and the player's role is to collect all 7 notebooks without being seen by him. Fortunately, they will have plenty of Dirty Chalk Erasers, blue lockers, and the map to avoid being seen by him.

Grapple Challenge

The player's only way to move around is by using the grappling hook to move around. The goal of this challenge is the same as in the Hide-and-Seek Mode.


  • In Challenge Mode, there are no random events happening.
  • At first, the Challenge Mode is planned to be unlocked only after the player has completed certain activities in the Hide-and-Seek Mode.
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