Amanda The Adventurer

Amanda The Adventurer
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Amanda the Adventurer is an addictive horror game where players go on adventures as they explore and learn about the world with Amanda and her friend Wooly. Here, the player takes on the role of Riley Park, who moved in with her aunt Katherine Park after learning about the cassettes in the attic via a letter. Sam Colton produced a series of dusty VHS cassettes of Amanda's television programmes, which the players discover when cleaning their home and decide to watch for nostalgia reasons despite not having seen the programme on television yet.

There are 3 episodes of Amanda the Adventurer. As Woollie is allergic to apples, the first episode opens with Amanda and Woolly travelling to the shop to get the apples they need to bake apple pie. When Woollie protested Amanda in the second episode, Amanda started to exhibit her harsh side. As soon as the programme concluded, Amanda assaulted Woollie off-screen. In the third episode, Amanda will start severely torturing the audience with her body. The overall difficulty of the horror game Amanda the Adventurer is rising. Are you prepared to discover? Play right now!

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How To Play

  • Choosing "Play Game" will start the game.
  • To play, use your mouse.